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When You live this free, its hard to believe,
that you'll ever perceive this life differently!
And on monday morning i wake up smiling,
26 years old, requested retirement.
First off the blocks, never looking back,
im always rigging for a living always keeping it slack.
Im a professional, unprofessional,
and if i gave my confession, my confession would go,
I get so much love, Im living in bliss.
All i wanted was just a little kiss,
And its so damn sweet that once it hits your lips,
you cant stop thinkin bout that double dip.
I dont know if im crazy, i dont know when ill die,
all i know is we all go limited time,
they say that ive made it, i was almost convinced,
but their still tryin to censor my influence.
theoretically, my college degree, should equip me fully with that job.
but that 9-5 working paid hourly, is just a tragedy, that just aint for me.
I got that slacklife, i was happily convicted, fully committed
and that pun was intended.
ANd thanks for the drinks but you can save your advice,
cause at the end of the day, all of my decisions are mine,
and if that costs me my life, ill gladly pay the price,
ill come back in funky style called the SKANDY CHRIST!

1 drink, 2 shots, 3 spliffs
4 nights, 5 girls, 6 tops are missin.

Leavin girls in my bed, parachute on my back,
i got that blackjack packed, and Im ready for action.
Slack-tis-faction, eyes on the prize,
todays a good day to die, and that is just how we ride.
you call me insane. you call me afflicted,
but the truth always hurts, and your lies are so twisted.
you cant fake it to make, thats what i said,
and if you chase to taste it, you're here to get fed.
and if you hate it, erase it, its easy to shed.
and if you base lets face it, you'll prolly end up dead!
I got too many friends on the deceased list,
sheding tears for the monkeys with a fistfull of ashes,
missin nothin but the length of their life,
but compared to your ass my hommies already lives TWICE!

1 drink, 2 shots, 3 spliffs
4 nights, 5 girls, 6 tops are missin.

Better than magnificent-- perfect, lovely, gorgeous!
My life is a hot track, and my wife... shes the chorus.
I got a lot of money cause freedom is my cash
and if i take u to slack, i know youll never go back.
I got that walk on lock, ill be floatin all day.
if free solo was pussy, i am always gettin laid,
my gear pile is monstrous, but dont u be afraid.
death is the end but life's all about playin that game.

Insanity, consistently fits me like a glove.
the say madness is like gravity, all u need is a shove.
BUt dont take it from me, tv screens, or movies,
its all about what you believe and believe you me.

1 drink, 2 shots, 3 spliffs
4 nights, 5 girls, 6 tops are missin.


from The Sketch EP, released December 25, 2013



all rights reserved


Andy Lewis Moab, Utah

Andy Lewis is a 27 year old extreme sports athlete and musician. He is most known for his tricklining and performance with Madonna on stage at half time in 2012, but he is also an avid BASE jumper and rock climber. Many of his songs talk about the slacklife, and keeping it slack. This refers to the metaphor of using what you learn slacklining, to normal life. Breathing, relaxing, focusing. ... more

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